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Hi and welcome to Men made Self


This project was born out of the intention of creating a network that would invite and support men to come together in a place where it is safe for them to share and express the issues, the struggles, the challenges and the fears that we are all faced with every day.


Being a Psychologist and a Body Psychotherapist, throughout my own process of Self-development I faced many topics related to my manhood which, I perceive now, are not only part of my personal history but are also collective.


In my practice, I offer individual sessions and I also work alongside with my partner offering couples sessions. In both these settings, I meet many men who struggle to find their way. As men, we have been conditioned to reach certain expectations, to achieve a certain professional status

and often we find it very challenging to meet certain idealizations of what or where we should be in our lives by now.


For many centuries, communities had their own initiation rituals who supported and empowered both men and women to start new cycles in their lives. Unfortunately, these rituals were lost or transformed in such a way that they have lost their meaning and purpose.


With Men made Self we hope to recapture the healing and transformative power of men coming together. It is a place of sharing, where old wounds can be healed, it is a place where connection and brotherhood are encouraged, and where deep emotional sharing and self-expression are welcomed.

Here you will be invited to expand your energy  into unknown and unexplored realms of your being, claiming your creative individuality and allowing your potential to fully manifest.


Besides Individual counselling, we are organizing workshops, retreats and men circles in different parts of Europe. For that, I invited close friends who are either psychotherapists or who are working with alternative therapies so that we can cooperate and co-lead this project. You can find who and where there are by pressing here.



In case you have any questions, comments or if you feel drawn to reach out, we would love to hear from you.



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