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Prayer to the Sacred Masculine

We call upon the presence of our Spirit Guides and our Internal Masters.

We ask them to bring their Wisdom, their Compassion and their Love so that it may become our Wisdom, our Compassion and our Love.

May the fearless Warrior, the noble King, the knowledgeable Wizard and the caring Lover manifest.

May we have the courage to share our vulnerabilities, the strength to face our shadows and the will to express our creativity.

May we be brothers in this quest, each of us in his own path, searching for his singular Truth. May we feel the support of our tribe, the incitement of our partners, the dream of our ancestors and the strength of our offspring.

We evoke Mother Earth to receive and support us in its tender embrace and Father Sun to shine its light on us. May our animal instincts unite with our Spirit and our mind resonate with our body.

May Reason, Heart and Gut aline and may we be compassionate for our history and our time. May Presence, Listening and Acceptance be our tools, knowing that the path is to be walked but not forgetting that we already are where we should be.

So may it be.

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