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Nuno Salema


All human beings come to this world with the potential and the talent to create. To bring something new that no one has ever brought before. Our creative potential is endless and it is always ready to find new ways of expression. This inner flame stays alive, it stays present and is always ready to manifest itself when it finds an opportunity to expand.


My Life Journey has been driven by the wish of expanding my being to the shapeless borders of its true nature. Along the way, my work began to reflect this wish and I became a Core Energetics Psychotherapist and a Creativity Facilitator. In my work, I witness how much longing there is in people to empower themselves through creative expression and in connection with others.


To work with men is, for me, both a challenge and a longing. I experience in myself the deeply rooted collective wounds that we as men carry. I experience the conditionings that we are imposed with and the social pressures that we suffer. I have acted all of these out many times and I found support with other men who feel and experience the same as me, enabling me to go deeper in myself.


My wish is that, with Men made Self, more men can find the support they need to keep on evolving in their journey, so that they can expand and connect with their unlimited potential to create and manifest their Life Energy


Zelino Modesto Rocha


In a world where everything is happening so fast, it is easy for one to lose connection from his essence and purpose; to feel disconnected from his Life energy and vitality.

As it happens in some traditions where there are rituals to support men and prepare them to life situations, we work on being centered on our primal energy, connecting to the heart and finding power in vulnerability.  

The support of the group creates the feeling of brotherhood and empowerment, allowing each one to connect to his own vibrant and flowing energy and aliveness while connected to the energy of the group.

In my work, I include the Voice, the Body and Expression as doors to access deeper layers of who we are, creating a safe environment where you can feel fully accepted with *all* aspects of who you are. 


Bruno Pinheiro


A Man in constant deconstruction and reconstruction, self-taught in the study of Male Psychology.

I am a searcher of the questioning through dialogue, believing in the potential of the energy of the circle as a catalyst for moments of clarity.


Martin Nykodym 

IMG_3386 (1).jpg

In the field of self-knowledge, I am profiling as a Core Energetics therapist. It means someone who seeks the truth and its forms, creates space to share this truth and learn from others, someone who believes in the evolutionary meaning of life and sees creativity as the basis of human nature, someone who supports others to overcome their own borders.

Also, someone who loves sweat lodges, who likes to realize them for their tradition, contact with nature and people, for a ritual that reflects over the ages - the cycle of life.

I love life, good food, mountains, ocean, surfing, my girlfriend.



Ramon Garcia Mora

ramon  13.jpg

What makes a man? 

For me it is the voyage to escape the images we are imprinted with. 

I don't want to be the man my mother wanted me to be, I don't want to be the man my father wants me te be.

And I definitely and defiantly don't want to be the man society wants me to be.

I just want to be me.

I know I never will be.

It is my life task to walk this road and to support other men on this road.

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